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Soup / Entree

A different soup every week with its "little extra" for 3-4 people or a great entrée to start your meal.


A great recipe I’ve learned living in Spain. The emulsion of red tomato juice, palest green cucumber juice and golden olive oil produces the right colour and a smooth texture. Ingredients: Tomatoes, cucumber, sherry vinegar, bread, spring onions, red peppers, garlic, olive oil. Garnish: hard-boiled eggs, tomatoes, cucumber.


Organic Gazpacho andaluz served with eggs, tomatoes and cucumber garnish


A choice of meat/fish main and a vegetarian main in individual portion.


Balanced and complete, you will love this salad. It is gluten-free and very tasty. Ingredients: Pomegranate, rocket, oranges, mint, lemon, mozzarella, olive oil, salt and pepper.


Orange and mozzarella salad, pomegranate, mint and rocket

Image of Orange and mozzarella salad, pomegranate, mint and rocket


A full of flavour dish served with Thai rice and caramelised fennel. Ingredients: Pork fillet, Thai rice, coconut milk, fennel, soy sauce, honey, ginger, lime leaf, coriander, Thai basil, mint, garlic, shallots, sugar.


Thai pork served with fennel rice

Image of Thai pork served with fennel rice


A delicious dessert to finish your meal on a sweet note.


A summer fruit salad with all the perfect English red fruit served with a small meringue for crunchiness! Ingredients : Strawberries, raspberries, mint, lemon, blueberries, sugar, egg whites.


★ Red fruit salad with meringue crumb

Image of ★ Red fruit salad with meringue crumb


A new surprise every month!


A homemade and "healthy" spread. Without palm oil and long shelf life but above all delicious! Ingredients: hazelnuts, Valrhona milk chocolate, sugar, milk powder, cocoa powder, coconut oil, fleur de sel.


Chocolate hazelnut spread

Image of Chocolate hazelnut spread


This is the ultimate dessert sauce for pancakes, crepes or poured over baked chocolate brownies or popcorn. Our unique smooth caramel sauce is made with fresh ingredients for a rich and creamy taste. Ma Petite Cocotte uses no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. Free from gluten, soy, additives, flavourings, colourings and preservatives. Ingredients: fresh double cream, brown sugar, raw milk salted butter, Maldon salt. Product life: Store in the refrigerator, and consume within 3 weeks.


Salted caramel sauce

Image of Salted caramel sauce


A new recipe for our rillettes, we offer now the tuna rillettes! You can use this yummy rillettes as a spread for bread or crackers, or as a filling for peppers or endive leaves or cherry tomatoes. Ingredients: Tuna, shallots, greek yoghurt, cream cheese, Jerez vinegar, pepper, hazelnuts 200g


Homemade tuna rillettes

Image of Homemade tuna rillettes


This lemon curd is deliciously tangy, creamy, and sweet. Lemon curd is perfect for scones, crepes, angel food cake, quick bread, pound cake, and so much more. Ingredients: Lemon, eggs, sugar, butter, cornflour.


★ Lemon Curd

Image of ★ Lemon Curd


Freshly baked, you can enjoy our granola sprinkled over your favourite yoghurt, milk, compote, ice cream or blend into smoothies. Ma Petite Cocotte uses no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. Free from gluten, refined sugar, dairy, soy, additives, flavourings, colourings and preservatives. Ingredients: Gluten-free jumbo oats, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, hazelnuts, almonds, raisins, wildflower honey, coconut oil, cinnamon, Maldon salt. Allergens in bold Product life: For the longest shelf life, transfer the granola to a storage container. When stored in an airtight container, this granola will keep for up to a month. 280g


Breakfast granola

Image of Breakfast granola


This creamy and smooth hummus is fantastic as part of a meze platter, on crackers and toast or in wraps and salads. We served it with sweet crispy shallots for an extra kick. Ingredients: Chickpeas, garlic, tahini, lemon juice, olive oil, cumin, salt, fried shallots.


Creamy Hummus served with crispy shallots.

Image of Creamy Hummus served with crispy shallots.


Homemade pork and duck rillette in a glass jar. Ingredients: Pork belly, duck barbary legs, salt, 4 spices, pepper, thyme, onions 350g The rillette is sterilized, you can keep for up to 6 months in a cupboard.


Homemade pork and duck rillette 350g

Image of Homemade pork and duck rillette 350g


Homemade 200g of duck foie gras in a glass jar. Ingredients: foie gras, salt, pepper, armagnac. The foie gras is sterilized, you can keep for up to 2 years in a cupboard.


Homemade duck foie gras

Image of Homemade duck foie gras


These cornichons are proper pickles. These delicious cornichons or gherkins are guaranteed 100% French. Cultivated in the village of Chemilly sur Yonne located 30mn North from the town of Chablis and are 100% naturally grown with no pesticide or herbicide. The cornichons are hand-picked and hand-packaged.


★ Cornichons extra-fins from Maison Marc

Image of ★ Cornichons extra-fins from Maison Marc


You can use these yummy rillettes as a spread for bread or crackers, or as a filling for peppers or endive leaves or cherry tomatoes. Ingredients: Sardines, shallots, greek yoghurt, creme fraiche, lemon, parsley, pepper, hazelnuts 200g


Homemade sardines rillettes

Image of Homemade sardines rillettes


A homemade basil pesto, full of flavour! Perfect with pasta, salads, bread. Ingredients: Basil, garlic, Parmiggiano, olive oil, pine nuts, salt


Organic Pesto

Image of Organic Pesto



The Roquefort d'Artisan Berger is one of the last hand-made Roquefort cheese in France, where the exceptional quality of Lacaune ewes’ milk is transformed into a complex and powerful cheese. Its full, sharp and long-lasting flavours make it an outstanding cheese worthy of being called the “cheese of kings and popes”! Approx 200g.


★ Roquefort artisan Berger from Beillevaire (approx 200g)

Image of ★ Roquefort artisan Berger from Beillevaire (approx 200g)


Epoisses is the gem of Burgundy, a region famed for its fantastic wines and brilliant cuisine. The Epoisses was first made by the monks of the Cîteaux Abbey, who later shared the technique with the local farmers. After a decline in the early 20th century, it became popular again in the 1950s and has been greatly enjoyed and sought-after ever since. This farmhouse cheese made from raw milk is washed with “marc de Bourgogne”, a pomace brandy, which gives it a strong, pungent aroma. Being aged for at least 6 weeks, its rind takes on a deep orange colour and becomes stickier, while the cheese reveals a rich ivory paste. Although it is known as a strong cheese, its flavours are surprisingly smooth and delicate. The rich spring milk gives the Epoisses a wonderful creamy texture, which you can enjoy by eating it out of its box with a spoon! Approx. 280g Producer : Ferme des Marronniers Origin: Bourgogne Milk : unpasteurised cow's milk Allergens : milk, sulphite


★ Epoisses fermier (290g)

Image of ★ Epoisses fermier (290g)


This farmhouse Morbier is matured an extra 100 days in our natural stone cellar in Machecoul. Beneath the thin natural rind, the pale yellow paste is buttery and elastic with fragrances of hay, flowers and mushrooms. It has fruity long-lasting flavours, with a delicate creamy taste. Nicely balanced it is a great option for a flavoursome but delicate cheese. Approx 250g.


★ Morbier Bichonné from Beillevaire (250g)

Image of ★ Morbier Bichonné from Beillevaire (250g)


Closely related to the Roquefort, Bleu des Causses is also matured in the cool and humid caves of the Causses plateau. Unlike its illustrious cousin (made from ewe’s milk and matured only the in caves of Roquefort-sur-Soulzon), it is made from cow’s milk. The pale ivory paste is dotted with blue veins throughout. Bleu des Causses has a firm but moist texture, slightly brittle, and its strong savoury notes are gently offset by the smooth, creamy cow’s milk and the sharp mushroom notes of the blue veins. It is a spectacular cheese full of flavours and a real treat for blue cheese enthusiasts. Producer : Société Fromagère de Rodez Origin: Midi-Pyrénées Milk : pasteurised cow's milk Alergens : milk


★ Bleu des Causses (300g)

Image of ★ Bleu des Causses (300g)


The Camembert de Normandie is made in a workshop located in Gavray, Normandie. It is the collaborative work of know-how and passion of the cheesemaker Pierre Marty, his team and Beillevaire. Gavray is one of the last two artisan and independent Camembert de Normandie PDO makers. Camembert, the most famous French cheese produced in Normandie, is ladle-molded. It is a mould-ripened cheese with white rind, yellow paste and a creamy texture. It has a powerful taste with intense earthy and mushroom flavours. Approx. 250g


★ Camembert De Normandie from Beillevaire ( 250g)

Image of ★ Camembert De Normandie from Beillevaire ( 250g)


Named after the legendary bridge that was never built to link the wild Isle of Yeu to the continent, this is another delicious cheese from Beillevaire. It is a traditional recipe from Vendée, where the goats graze on lush green pastures. Matured up to 4 weeks, it has a creamy, meltingly soft texture, beneath a thin blue grey rind. Its flavours are fresh and tangy, only slightly savoury, making the Pont d’ Yeu a nice alternative to the Loire Valley goat cheeses – such as Sainte Maure – which is a little saltier. Approx. 150g


★ Pont D'Yeu goat cheese (approx 150g)

Image of ★ Pont D'Yeu goat cheese (approx 150g)


The Sablé du Boulonnais is made on the Northern Coast of France. It is made on the Vert Farm, from raw milk - still warm - collected from farms nearby. During maturation, it is regularly brushed with wheat beer. It is covered in breadcrumbs at the end of maturation, keeping the cheese moist and helping the flavours to develop. The Sablé has an orange, sandy rind, and the cheese beneath is the colour of straw, smooth and creamy. Its flavours are a subtle and delicate mix of fruity and buttery notes, with hints of wheat. 440g


Sablé du Boulonnais

Image of Sablé du Boulonnais


A highly traditional butter made with raw milk and fleur de sel in Loire-Atlantique from Beillevaire.


★ Raw churned butter with salt crystals (125g)

Image of ★ Raw churned butter with salt crystals (125g)


Created at the beginning of the 20th century by a farmer who wanted to use his leftover milk and cream, the Saint-Félicien is now a clear proof of excellence of the French gastronomy in Isere, in the French Alps, along with the Saint-Marcellin. The Saint-Félicien is made from raw cow’s milk, left to drain for a week and then left for another week to develop the thin bloomy rind. A young Saint-Félicien has fresh, milky and lactic (slightly acid) flavours with hints of hazelnut and a fine meltingly-soft texture. As it matures (for at least 20 days), it becomes creamier, sometimes runny, and the acidity is balanced by subtle bitter notes. It is a fresh and delicate cheese and a true reflection of the lush green meadows it comes from. Approx. 190g Producer : Fromageries de l'Etoile du Vercors Origin: Isère


★ Saint-félicien (cow's milk) - 200g

Image of ★ Saint-félicien (cow's milk) - 200g


One of Normandie’s oldest cheeses, it is another monastic invention dating back to the Middle-Ages, but it was named like this in the 17th century after a village not far from Deauville, where it was produced. Made from raw milk, it is matured for 6 to 7 weeks in a cellar and is washed regularly to keep the cheese supple and moist and allow it to develop a slightly velvety yellow rind, taking on orange or pink hues as it ages. It has a pale soft and creamy yellow paste with a delicate aroma of wet hay. Lightly savoury, it has fruity flavours with hints of hazelnut. Its subtle favours and refined texture make it a great alternative for a Brie or Camembert. Approx. 400g Producer: Serge Lechevalier (la Houssaye) Origin: Normandie