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About us

Our Concept

"Ma Petite Cocotte" is a home delivery service for homemade meals.
We cook fresh, tasty and ready-to-eat meals to order and deliver them in minutes. Our meals are home-cooked and delivered on the same day using recyclable packaging. We use seasonal and organic products and portion control to avoid waste. But, our main goal is to help you enjoy eating healthy and well without spending hours in your kitchen.

Our story

"What are we having for dinner?" is the question we face every night ...
We realised that it was more and more challenging to organise for the preparation of meals (due to lack of time, know-how or inspiration): what should be a convivial moment become too often an obligation.
When looking for a solution, we couldn't find one that was suitable for us: we didn't want frozen meals, loads of preservatives ...
So we decided to come up with the perfect alternative Fresh, gourmet, seasonal dishes, suitable for the whole family. this is how "Ma Petite Cocotte" was born!
We want to help everyone eat better and save time.



Meet the chef

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After several professional experiences in London, I wanted to return to my passion : cooking. I have always enjoyed cooking with my mother and grandmothers, and they have inspired my love for home cooking.
Thanks to my expatriations in Asia, in Spain, and my years spent in London, I have added different gastronomic influences and ingredients to my French heritage. 
In 2008, I created "Les Gâteaux de Brigitte", specialising in French pastry and small cakes, madeleines, financiers, cannelés, etc ... Today, I want to go further by also offering you soups, as well as balanced and gourmet dishes.

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