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Our suppliers

We work closely with carefully selected suppliers to ensure that we always use seasonal and organic ingredients whenever possible.

- Our fruits and vegetables used to prepare our meals comes from Choice Organics and Langridge Organic.

- Our meat comes from Graigfarm, a family farm in Wales or HG Walter, voted ‘best small butcher in Britain’ and ‘best butcher in London and the South East’.

- Our fish comes from Stickleback fish, a wholesaler specializing in sustainable fishing.

- Our eggs and dairy products comes from Beillevaire and Graigfarm.

- Our cheeses plateau comes from Beillevaire, a great cheese maker, affineur and distributor.

Our packaging

We work with leading suppliers in the field of sustainable packaging to ensure that we always use the most environmentally friendly option.


Our packaging includes:

- recyclable kraft bags,

- trays and lids made from bagasse (sugarcane fibres),

- glass bottles and verrines,

- recyclable Foil Food container,

- recyclable paper bags,

- small pots made of PLA, a renewable material made from plants.

Our products

At Ma Petite Cocotte, everything is homemade. Even our vegetable broth used for our soups is homemade with organic vegetables. There are no additives or preservatives.


The ingredients we cook are chosen with care: always in season, Certified (Soil Association, Red Tractor, RSPCA assured), purchased directly from producers or small cooperatives.

All our meals are cooked to order, so there is never, never any waste.

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